Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance using the correct care products is necessary to ensure the durability of furniture elements. The materials have different cleaning and maintenance requirements. See below for important information and instructions.

Glass and Painted Surfaces

  • Clean with a lukewarm water solution (i. e. water with rinsing agent).
  • Do not soak.
  • Clean using soft, damp cloth and rub dry.
  • Pre-clean stubborn dirt with Dirtex.

Veneer, Laminate and Work Surfaces

  • To avoid streaks: re-clean with water solution.
  • Do not soak.
  • Clean using soft, damp cloth and rub dry.
  • Stubborn dirt can be removed using Dirtex.

Graphic Panels

Clean graphic surface by either dusting or a soft wash cloth with warm water.

Acrylic Hygiene Shield Care

  • Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent film or dirt buildup.
  • Remove stains carefully using Brillianize and a premium microfiber cloth.  Use of these products can eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria, microbes and spores without damaging your acrylic displays or furniture.

Always avoid:

  • NEVER use a window cleaner or any cleaning product containing ammonia, silicone, or other invasive chemicals on an acrylic display! They will damage the surface of your acrylic and lead to crazing, cracking and can also dull or make the finish cloudy.
  • NEVER use any form of abrasive cleaner or wax product on your acrylic screen.
  • NEVER use paper towels to clean your acrylic display. They will scratch the finish.
  • NEVER use solvents to clean adhesives or any other glue/gummy substance from the surface of your acrylic screen. Solvents will severely damage the finish of the screen.
  • NEVER use a knife, razor blade or any other sharp object to clean the surface of your acrylic screen.